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Chamaerops is our quarterly publication. Until now only as a printed magazine Chamaerops is now available on-line. And completely searcheable using keywords.

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Browse through the Chamaerops pictures of hardy palms and other exotics. All pictures are hi-res jpeg's. Contribute your own pics.

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Although we have tried to make our website easy to navigate and hopefully self-explanatory there are always some questions left. Check here if it hasn't been already answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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If you feel like placing a link to The European Palm Society on your own website, feel free to use the image below by copying the image file to your harddrive and integrating it into your webpages.

Or - easier - just copy the following piece of html code in your pages (no need to worry about any image files):

<a href="http://www.palmsociety.org"><img src="http://www.palmsociety.org/gifs/epslogo.gif" width="100" height="100" border="0"></a>