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If castles in Spain are beyond your reach, how about a palm farm in Mallorca?
Trevor Clarke
Chamaerops No. 2, published online 23-11-2002

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Dear Editor,

It is with much regret that I have to sell my palm plantation, and as it needs to be run by a palm enthusiast, I thought that one of your members could be interested.

"Palm Farm" is situated in one of the most beautiful valleys on the island of Mallorca, just. .5 minutes drive from Andraitx and 10 minutes from the port of Andraitx - one of the prettiest natural harbours in the Mediterranean.

The 4,000 palm trees on the plantation of 28,000 square metres will be worth a total of 2 million pounds when mature. As each tree is lifted and sold, its place is taken by a new young palm, thus perpetuating the cycle. There is enough space to plant a further 4,000 palms.

The plantation also produces a large yearly crop of almonds, carobs and citrus fruits.
The price for "Palm Farm" complete is £355,000.

Perhaps a consortium of palm fans could be formed to purchase and then manage the plantation, on a sort of time-share arrangement. Possibly a couple of the 'shareholders' could be in permanent residence at the farmhouse, and the others could come out periodically on working holidays...

For further information, or suggestions, please contact me at

Calle Portugal 8, Portals Nous, Mallorca

Phone Mallorca 675109

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