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Martin Gibbons, c/o The Palm Centre
Chamaerops No. 10, published online 23-09-2002

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In a summer season,
when soft was the sun...

I can't remember any more of this poem, or even who wrote it but it seems an appropriate way to begin this edition since we re in late May and summer is just around the corner. I am extremely sorry for the lateness of this issue and will try to do better next time. Meanwhile, down to business:

Exotic Plant Register

Having been taken to see a huge Phoenix canariensis growing outside in less-than-Mediterranean FULHAM (yes, you did read right) I have been prompted to instigate an 'exotic plant register' from the next edition, and everyone is invited to contribute.

We've already seen some amazing discoveries between the pages of this magazine (more in this issue) and there are more to come (a Trachycarpus forest in Kingston?) so here's how it will work. We all know a few exotic plants growing in less than exotic places. Write to me at the European Palm Society, marking your letter 'Exotic Plant Register'. Enclose details of the plant you've seen and where it is to be found. Precise addresses are not required. Just put the approximate location to enable 'pilgrims' to locate the plant.

We cannot include specimens that are not visible from a place to which the public have access. If you can send a photograph too, that would be marvellous, but put your name on the back please together with brief details of the plant.

Depending on the response, we can publish one or two in each issue of Chamaerops, but the main idea is to build up a register that can be circulated to those members interested, ideally area-by-area, so that anyone visiting a particular district can check out the local exotica. So, if you know of an amazing Agave in Andover, a fabulous Phoenix in Farnborough, or a beautiful Brahea in Bradford, write in! There's no reason why this should not also be open to our continental friends, but of course it is all about exotic plants growing in unlikely places.

Write On!

We are getting in a good number of articles and for those who would like to contribute to Chamaerops may I put forward a few guidelines to make life easier and to ensure that the article and any accompanying photographs are correctly identified and ascribed to the right author? Here goes:

1. Don't forget to put your name & address at the top of page one, together with a suggested title if you have one.

2. It would be really helpful if your article was the right length to fit the page, or pages. The first page requires about 800 words, subsequent pages about 900 each. That will save me having to cut out or add text to fill the page. Articles of less than 800 words are difficult to place although they may be able to go on the letters page, but don't let that put you off writing! A word count would be a big help.

3. Regarding photographs, send lots! Prints are better than slides, especially prints that you don't want returned, but if you do, just say so. To keep up standards they need to be quite good! Please make sure you put your name on the back, together with a description or caption if necessary.

4. I'm especially keen on getting articles from contributors outside this country, but I think some potential authors may think their English is not good enough. Don't worry! I'll be delighted to make any changes needed (I used to be a teacher in a past life so it's no problem!). If you want to write in your own language we may be able to get it translated. Just check first.

5. If possible, please try to avoid lists of plants that you have seen or are growing.

6. Those who have access to a word processor are invited, indeed urged, to send in their article on disc. Chamaerops is produced on a Dell machine, it's IBM compatible, and it uses 3.5 inch discs.

7. If you find any or all of the above a bit daunting please ignore everything I've said and write that article anyway. If you can't manage a whole page then just write a letter. One of the joys of being editor is getting letters from members. We like to hear from you!

Alain Moinié

Sincere thanks to those who contributed to the fund for the palm tree to be planted in the south of France as a memorial to Alain Moinié, who died last October. The European Palm Society is thus able to make a donation of £100 to the fund, and Chamaerops will report on the planting, in July, in due course. M.G.

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