Chamaerops No.31

Summer Edition1998

cover   Superb specimens of trachycarpus fortunei adorn Sausalito Marina in San Francisco, california, one of the many species on John's jurney.

Editorial Summer Edition, issue 31

The Red Crownshaft Palm in NZ
Dick Endt
Time has passed and the plants from the original collection are now
eight years old and looking quite wonderful.

Bravo Brahea!
Jon Kenaghan
Jon's earlier article caused a great deal of interest. Here we have
an update and learn just how well this extraordinary palm is doing.

The Ups & Downs of Growing Palms in Portugal
Charles Wijchgel
Charlie leads us up the garden path in Portugal.

La Bananerie Oceanique
Michel Grand Claudon
Northern France is not traditionally the home of bananas, but where there's a will there's a way.....

Propagating Chamaerops from Suckers
Dave Brown
A spin-off from the lively letters on the subject, Dave explains how it can be done.

Nightmare on Palm Street
Jon Kenaghan
One reader's frank rebuttal of Don's Tollefson's last article. Unexpurgated!

California - Stop Dreaming, Start Packing
John Woodhead
John & family fulfil a long-held dream of visiting this palm paradise, on the USA West Coast.

Global Warning!
A. Hopkinson
Dire predictions, and an appeal



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