New Year Quiz Answers

Finally, the answers to our quiz!
The Fox
Chamaerops No.34 Spring 1999

Congratulations to all members who entered the quiz (Chamaerops 32).

Apologies are due to all readers of the German edition which contained 21 questions instead of 20! Your question 10 (Musa) must have seemed confusing because there was in fact no correct answer and it was taken from a cancelled specimen draft which was not meant to be printed! Please therefore ignore this 'question' as it will not affect the scores.

Most of the questions were reasonably straightforward but 5 in particular did cause a few problems and these have been marked with an asterix (*) and further explanation is given.

So here are the answers:

1. C: Robinson Crusoe Island
2. B: Olea europea
3. Trachycarpus nanus
4. Nerium oleander
5. D: Chamaerops humilis
6. B: Fig (Ficus carica)
7. X Butiagrus nabonnandii
8. Macadamia
9. Gevuina avellana
10. C: Cocos nucifera
11. C: Ravenea musicalis
12. * A: Delonix regia can succeed very well in the warmer areas of the Mediterranean providing the temperature in winter does not fall below about 5°C.
13. D: Lambertia seeds are sometimes sold as curios in New South Wales. The horned seeds look like a weird animal.
14. Medemia argun
15. A: Brahea edulis (logic rather than local knowledge provides the solution)
16. * B: The question stated that only a small quantity of NPK fertilizer caused the problem described. Nitrate (N) or Potash (K) would not be responsible. Australian soils are often very low in Phosphates (P) and the symptoms described are typical of Phosphate poisoning.
17. * A: Only one competitor got this right (well done Chris Hawkins of West Sussex). Meyer's lemon is widely cultivated commercially around the world but it bruises so very easily that it is only sold to the local markets and never makes it to northern Europe; it does not travel well.
18. * Sophora secundifolia (Texas Mountain Laurel). This was the only question that no one could answer! Many readers suggested various Solanums. Other suggestions included Heliotropium, Tibouchina and Iochroma. However, S. secundiflora is the only shrub/small tree that has violet coloured flowers AND a perfume. (S. arizonica is smaller and very similar but whether it is a separate species or a form, The Fox is not qualified to give an opinion). Rated Zone 8 and capable of tolerating frosts even at a fairly young stage it is a mystery why this lovely plant is not more widely grown.
19.* C: White/cream! The question stated 'a very colourful Bougainvillea'. Most of the colour in Bougainvillea is due to the surrounding BRACTS and not the flowers which are usually white or cream.
20. Trithrinax campestris

Congratulations to the two joint winners, each with 16 points:
- Denis Hayward from Kentisbeare UK, and
- Chris Tapp from Newton Abbot, UK.


It was interesting to note that German entrants tended to score higher on Palms (and after all, this is a palm magazine!) but UK readers scored higher on non-palm exotics. The Netherlands were represented very ably by Frits Klaarenbeek who scored well into double figures, but where were our many Mediterranean members? The questions should surely have been perfect for them; were the questions too easy or what?!

Thanks again to all respondents, your replies and letters have been really fascinating, proof indeed that there is a wealth of knowledge, talent and enthusiasm in the European Palm Society.
The Fox


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