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Chamaerops No.37

Winter Edition 2000, issue 37

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cover   Plectocomia himalayana, a cold hardy climbing palm from the Himalayas.


A Secret Garden on the Lleyn Peninsula
by Steven Brown,135a, Market Street, Edenfield, Bury, Lancashire, U.K.
A trip to a little known garden in Wales where grows, among other treasures, one of the only mature Butias in the British Isles. Join Steven Brown on an exotic trip of discovery.

Interview with the Editor
by Imtiaz McDoom-Gafoor, London, UK
Your editor, interviewed by Imtiaz McDoom Gafoor, talks about his adventures in palmland in the first of two chats about the world of palms and his part in it.

Fairchild Tropical Garden
by Mike Horwitz, mikehorwitz@compuserve.com
One of the foremost botanic gardens in the world, Fairchild is a Mecca for palm enthusiasts. Here, Florida born Mike Horwitz whets your appetite.

Winter Growth
by Alan Hindle, 3 Wenlock Close, Sedgley, Dudley, West Midlands DY3 3NJ
Is it better to encourage our palms to grow over the winter, or to allow them to rest? Alan Hindle discusses the pros and cons.

Fussing Kills
by C.S Jackson, Westcliffe on Sea, Essex, England
Transplanted Kiwi Charles Jackson continues the theme, with his take on the winter growth/rest theme.

Happy (or Crazy) Germination!?
by Jörg Schumann, Rathausplatz 2, 09247 Röhrsdorf, Germany
Have patience when it comes to germinating palm seeds, and don't give up too soon. So advises Germany's Joerg Schuman



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