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Chamaerops No.42 - 2001

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cover   Syagrus glaucescens: one of the first (and most exciting) palms seen on our trip to Brazil. See 'Road to Rio'.


A Lifetime of Experience
Eric Speybroek, Zevergem (De Pinte), Belgium
Eric Speybroek has run his nursery in Belgium for many years, and was one of the earliest suppliers of The Palm Centre. His wealth of knowledge and experience was an inspriatiuon for me in the early days of palm popularity. Now Erich tells his own story.

The Palm World on the Island of Tenerife
Carlo Morici, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarias, Spain
A history of the palms of this wonderful island and what to find there, and where.

Road to Rio - Part 1
Martin Gibbons, Editor
A palm trip of a lifetime, to Brazil home of many wonderful palm species, many of which would be worth trying in Europe, even in sheltered areas in cooler climates. Part 2 follows.

Puzzling Questions for a New Palm Enthusiast
Ivan Hares, Spring Cottage, 141 London Road, Cowplain, Waterlooville, Hants. PO8 8XJ, UK
Ivan Hares poses palm questions, and relates his trials and tribulations as a new exotics enthusiast.

Palm Growing in The North-West of England
George Oaks, 57 Abbey Road, St Mary´s, Cheshire WA3 IEP, UK
The north-west of England is not the first place one thinks of in relation to palms, but as George Oaks writes, there are a number that can grow there, and tells us about his successes and failures.



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