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Tobias W. Spanner, Tizianstr. 44, 80638 München, Germany

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The New Year comes with some good news that I hope you all will appreciate. CHAMAEROPS WILL LIVE! Due to the encouraging comments and help I received after the last issue from so many members, I decided to keep the Editor’s job for now, until someone else can be found to take over. My main goal will be to get Chamaerops back on track by the middle of next year. As of the issue in front of you, we are more than 9 months behind with the magazine, so at least five issues will have to be put out before summer in order to complete 2002 and be on track with 2003. This is quite a lot and I will need everybody’s support with plenty of publishable material to be able to achieve this goal.

Since renewals are due with this issue, I hope you will all sign up again for another year. If you have friends who are interested in palms and who are not yet members of the EPS, please encourage them to sign up with the EPS. If you know of previous members who have dropped out, please try to get them to rejoin. If you need application forms to hand out to friends or customers or anyone potentially interested, let us know and we will provide them for free. At £15/EUR 23, the annual fee is as low as ever, lower than any other palm society with a magazine of comparable quality, and, I think, affordable for everyone. If you want to save further, prices for online memberships are even lower: check out our website at www.palmsociety.org.

I would like to express my special gratitude all those members who have supported Chamaerops and recently sent in their comments and articles. To all those who would like to contribute but are not sure how, here are ten guidelines on how to support your editing staff best:

1. Everyone is welcome to write an article for Chamaerops. We are sure you have an interesting story to tell!
2. Write about any subject you like. We are not exclusively interested in palms and will publish anything related to exotic plants.
3. If you do not have a computer, do not let that stop you from submitting; we will accept pen and paper submissions.
4. If you are using a computer, we can read all Windows and Mac files. You can use MS Word, Notepad, MS Works, AppleWorks, SimpleText or any other text program to create your article. Please keep the layout as simple as possible.
5. Put your name & address at the top of the article, together with a suggested title if you have one.
6. Article length should be at least 600 words (one page). Letters can be as short as you like.
7. Send lots of pictures! If you send prints and want them returned, just say so. Please put your name on the back, together with a description or caption (plant name, location etc.). Digital pictures are most welcome especially since newer digital cameras provide excellent sharpness and colours. Please use best quality setting when e-mailing pictures. The bigger the files, the better the quality.
8. Some non-native English speakers may think their English is not good enough. Don't worry! All articles are professionally edited and corrected and we will make sure your article will appear in the best possible fashion. Dutch, French, German and Spanish articles are also welcome if you feel more comfortable writing in your own language, and we will have these translated.
9. Please send your article by e-mail to mail@palmsociety.org or by post on paper, cd-rom or floppy to: EPS, c/o Tobias W. Spanner, Tizianstr. 44, 80638 München, Germany
10. It's easier than you think, just give it a try.

Finally, my apologies to Angelo Porcelli for forgetting to name him as the author of the article on the Botanic Gardens in Rome in the last issue. Thanks Angelo for an article that I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Please enjoy this issue of Chamaerops and have a great 2003. T.S.

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