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Conservatory And Indoor Plants

Phillips, Roger, and RIX, Martyn
Conservatory and Indoor Plants

Vols. 1 and 2. Pan Books, 1998
Extends the list of tropical and subtropical varieties not mentioned in any of the previous titles. However, it only gives a very brief description on care of the plants.
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Success with house plants
Reader's Digest, 1979. 089577052
The typeface and photographs look a little dated, but it is still one of the best for care of exotic plants. In its selection, it includes several palm species, and many of you may be amused to read that "amateurs" should not attempt propagation of palms by seed as it takes "far too long."

Swithinbank, Anne
The Conservatory Gardener

Frances Lincoln, 1993. ISBN 071121221X
The author is well known for her knowledge and experience with indoor plants. The book is good on practicalities of greenhouse/conservatory gardening, and covers such topics as the presentation of plants and their care.
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