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Tropicals And Exotics

Challis, Myles
Exotic Gardening in Cool Climates

Fourth Estate, 1994. ISBN 1857021878
This is the book that started many on the path to exoticism, in terms of gardening anyway. Good for its day, but now a little dated. We could do with another like it, especially ones that concentrate on design and landscaping, so come on Myles, out with your pen!

Stephen Griffith
Big Leaves for Exotic Effect

Guild of Master Craftsmen. ISBN 1861082622
Stephen Griffiths is the head gardener at Abbotsbury and he has produced a superb guide to many of the large leafed exotics including palms and succulents, grown there and at other similar locations. Full of stunning colour photos with accompanying useful text including USDA hardiness zones, minimum temperatures, and soil requirements. Stephen has really brought his garden to the front line as a place to see exotics without trekking down to Cornwall and this book does him credit in my opinion. I bought it as soon as I saw it. (Review by John Churcher)
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Lewis Matthews
Proteas of the World

ISBN 0881922358
An excellent reference book for those exoticist's keen to try the ever expanding world of hardy Proteas. It gives good information of the genus and each species with details on habitat,cultivation,frost tolerance and propagation info.Plenty of full colour illustrations of plants in flower.
Well worth buying. (Review by Lee Mullen)

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Stokes, G. M.
Bananas You Can Grow

Stokes Tropicals Publishing Co. ISBN 0967854016
Although written for the american market, this book is a must for all banana enthusiasts. Each species and cultivar having photographs, a short description and information for the grower. An easy to read, colourful book covering all, from propagation, cultivation, through to recipies. (Review by Adrian Shattock)
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Giles, Will
The New Exotic Garden

Michael Beazley, 2000. ISBN 1840002417
Britain's answer to Richard Iversen. For a full review, see Alan Hindle's letter in Chamaerops No 39.
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Iversen, Richard R.
The Exotic Garden

Taunton Press, 1999. ISBN 156582328
Wow! In-your-face planting schemes from the States; I love it. However, one is a little jealous that he can so easily, and cheaply, replenish his stock of exotic plants just by going to his local garden center.
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Warren, William
The Tropical Garden

Thames and Hudson, 2000. ISBN 050028198X
This is just the tonic needed for passing away a cold and dark winter's evening. The photographs are stunning and show what can be achieved in tropical climates when money is, seemingly, no object.
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