Chamaerops No. 1

Winter Edition 1990/91

An introduction to the European Palm Society, and a welcome from the editor

A Fan Palm For Palm Fans
Tobias Spanner of Germany gives an in-depth profile of Chamaerops humilis - the

European Fan Palm
Wild Encounters In The Sunshine State
Tony King's vacational reminiscences of indigenous palms in Florida and the Keys

Palms At Land's End
A visit to the south west corner of England and a surprising discovery, by Chris Arundel

Trekking On The Trachycarpus Trail
Martin Gibbons dons boots and backpack, and goes to northern India in search of Trachycarpus takil

Letter From America
Tamar Myers, our very own correspondent in the U.S.A., makes the first of her quarterly contributions

Variations On A Theme
Seen one Chusan Palm and you've seen them all? Not so, says The Netherlands' Wilko Karmelk

Branch Out Into Bromeliads
There's more to life than palm trees. Philip McErlean of Northern Ireland makes some exotic suggestions

Lettre De France
Alain Moinié writes from France's Cote d'Azur

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