An introduction to the European Palm Society, and a welcome from the editor.
by Martin Gibbons, Ham Street, Ham, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7HA, UK
Chamaerops No. 01, published online 23-11-2002

The formation of the European Palm Society and the publication of the first issue of its journal 'Chamaerops' is an exciting event for its three founder members, and the culmination of months of planning and hard work.

As interest in the study and cultivation of palms spreads, there grows alongside it a thirst for knowledge which cannot be satisfied by books alone, and it is hoped that this association and its magazine will help to fill the gap.

Palm enthusiasts throughout the world are served, and ably so, by the United States based International Palm Society, and we in the cooler climate of Europe have additionally enjoyed the benefits of membership of the 'Temperate Zone Chapter of that organization, which dealt more specifically with cool and cold growing palms. However, since its demise, many of us have been feeling at a loss, and missing its quarterly 'PQ' magazine. Thus the idea of the E.P.S. was born.

Over several meetings, the three of us decided to launch the new society and to structure it so that it would appeal not only to the dedicated palm grower but also to those whose interest in exotic plants is wider than this. Those who are keen on Cycads, Yuccas, Agaves, Cordylines, Tree ferns etc., groups of plants the study of which is perhaps even more specific than with palms, should not thereby feel left out.

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