And Now, Here's The Weather...

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From Hampstead, North London, Peter Tenenbaum:

"The big February freeze with well, over a week of sub-zero temperatures and a night minimum of -12, (and this in the warmest part of the garden), took its toll despite efforts to protect the more tender subjects.

"All my Cordylines were decapitated; Rhapis, and one of my small Livistona chinensis were killed outright, the other survived with just a little leaf burn. A 3m Phoenix canariensis that had been bandaged with a thick layer of hessian was defoliated but is now showing strong signs of new growth. My smaller one survived with just some leaf burn, with the aid of a heating cable. Phoenix roebelenii, protected in a similar fashion, was partly defoliated, but is now recovering well. Not surprisingly, Trachycarpus, Chamaerops, Sabal minor and Butia capitata were all unscathed.

"It is now the end of March and I have replaced all the plants lost, adding a multiple planting of Trachycarpus, and to show I am not a defeatist, I have even planted a beautiful specimen of Chrysalidocarpus which will be protected with a heated shelter next winter. I am also planning to put out an Arecastrum. Never say die, that's my motto. I should add that as Hampstead is 200m above sea level, winters are considerably colder than in central London, just a few miles to the south."

Wilko Karmelk from Holland:

"The cold spell of February has brought quite low temperatures though were no extreme lows. The absolute minimum in our country was -15C. In my region, (the south-west), -12/13C was recorded. The cold damaged some of the leaves of young Trachycarpus, and Cordyline australis was hit badly.

"The Jubaeas and Phoenix sylvestris in my poly-tunnel experienced -10.5C and didn't show any damage, whilst a Phoenix dactylifera was totally browned by this temperature. There were other plants that came through quite well: Fatsia japonica, Fatshedera lizei, and many species of Yucca and Cacti were unscathed with no protection."

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