Chamaerops No. 5

Winter Edition 1991/92


Big Leaves!
Visits to Safeway will never be the same again after you read this article.
By Philip Bell.

First Impressions (of the Tropics)
Jason Payne, 'exotic landscape gardener', visited the tropics for the first time last year. His impressions make fascinating reading.

The Tree Ferns: An Introduction
Following an appeal in the last issue of 'Chamaerops', Peter Richardson joined the E.P.S. and at the same time submitted this comprehensive introduction.

Pachypodium lameri
When is a palm not a palm and a cactus not a cactus? Answer: When it's a Madagascan Cactus Palm of course! Tony King explains.

The Exotic Look
Last but by no means least, we are very pleased to have an article by Myles Challis, well-known landscape gardener, and author of the book, "The Exotic Garden".

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