Chamaerops No. 8

Autumn Edition 1992


Begin with Bamboos
Holland's Wilco Karmelk introduces China's best-known export

Exotic Plants in Brittany
Michael Prime hovers over the Channel to discover an exotic corner of northern France

Anyone for Crickets?
Crickets, and their melodious song, the perfect finishing touch for the exotic garden. By cricket captain Tony Keating

A Scottish Odyssey
'Dramatic', 'Rugged', 'Magnificent', all words used to describe the west coast of Scotland, and its exotic gardens. Jason Payne goes on tour. Part one.

Spotlight on: Trithrinax
Germany's Tobias Spanner takes a look at this much under-used palm genus, containing some of the world's most beautiful hardy palms.

The Grand Tour
Nice - Switzerland - Milan - Rome - Naples - Ischia - Nice. Join Corsica's own Jacques Deleuze for a palmy Christmas, and meet the biggest Nanny in the world

Garden News
After three frustrating years in a flat, Tony Smith moved to a house with a garden. He describes how he changed it from a suburban 'bit of grass with flower beds' to an exotic oasis.

Book Review
Tony King reviews "Palms & Cycads Beyond the Tropics" by Keith Boyer

Devon Up'date'
Stephen Powell meets new fronds in an old haunt


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