Chamaerops No. 9

Winter Edition 1992/93

cover   Trachycarpus sp. growing on prcipitous and mist enshrouded cliffs on Doi Chiang Dao, a mountain in northern Thailand.


The Thailand Trachycarpus
Martin Gibbons
Your editor takes a trip to Thailand to investigate the occurrence of an unusual species of Trachycarpus

Palms in Perth
Barry Shelton
Australian Barry Shelton presents a view of palms in Perth, which has a climate not too dissimilar to parts of the Mediterranean coast

Scotland the Brave
Jason Payne
In the search for exotica, we continue the Scottish adventure. A botanical motoring holiday north of the border. Part 2

Exotic Gardening
Jason Payne
In the first of a series of practical step-by-step articles, the theory of exotic gardening is explored

Laeken - City of Glass 2
Dr. Stephen Becker
Join Stephen Becker on the second part of his trip to Laeken, the stunning 'city of glass' in Belgium

Musella lasiocarpa
Martin Gibbons
A 'new 'and fascinating banana relative from southwest China and never before seen in Europe. Remember, you read about it here first!


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