Chamaerops No.11

Summer Edition 1993

cover   Left: Phoenix theophrastii - the Cretan Date Palm.
Right: Part of the national collection of tree ferns, Cibodas, Indonesia.


Cordyline banksii, The Forest Cabbage Tree
Peter Richardson
A profile of this little known relative of Cordyline australis

G(r)o(w)ing Bananas
John Woodhead
Everything you always 'wanted to know about the care and cultivation of these exciting plants. You too can produce your own Bananas

South American Diary
Martin Gibbons
Second and final part of the Christmas 1992 diary of your editor, in search of the legendary red-crownshafted palm on the Inca Trail in Ecuador, South America.

1867 and All That
Martin Gibbons ex Benjamin Samuel Williams
Extracts' from a wonderful old book published over 100 years ago, but still full of useful, interesting and relevant information. A hard act to follow

Bogor - City of Rain
Stephen Becker
Dr Becker's hilarious follow-up to 'Laeken - City of Glass' (Chamaerops issue 9). This time he 's in Java, Indonesia, sheltering under a copy of Genera Palmarum...

Phoenix theophrastii - the Other European
Nicholas Turland
We all know the European Fan Palm, but here 'san opportunity to get to know the other European native, the European Feather Palm as you might call it.


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