Chamaerops No.13

Winter Edition 1993/94


The History of Howeia
Ian Hutton
The most popular palm in the world has an interesting history. In this first of two parts, Ian Hutton explores its origins and the early days of 'the palm business'.

Dangerous Crossing
Martin Gibbons
Don't be alarmed, but there is a problem in the palm world, which you ought to know about...

Rambling on The Rock
Vince Carr
A miscellany of palmy thoughts and observations, inspired by the discovery of 'our own' Chamaerops growing happily of The Rock of Gibraltar.

The Yorkshire Riviera?
Richard Darlow
Richard's wonderful garden has been featured in gardening magazines and on television. Now it's our turn for a guided tour.

Gingko biloba
Richard Darlow
In depth article about this beautiful, ancient and sacred tree. Every garden should have one.

Temperature Trauma
Wilko Karmelk
If you like statistics and weather reports, this article is for you, and it proves that 'Northern Europe' doesn't have a monopoly on wintry weather. Wrap up well!

Tour de Fous
Steve Swinscoe
Steve's report of the Fous de Palmiers' trip to the wonderful gardens of Lisbon, Portugal's capital.


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