Chamaerops No.15

Summer Edition 1994


Kiwis m the Mist
Dick Endt
Join New Zealand nurseryman Dick Endt on an exciting palm hunt up hill and down dale in the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains. Who needs gorillas?

A Tale of 2 Climates
Nick Parker
The two climates in question are those either side of Canada's Rocky Mountains. What a difference a range makes!

Home & Away 2
Charles Jackson
In this follow-up article Charles tells us more about the Phoenix palms of his home town in New Zealand, and makes readers an offer of seeds

Palms in Hampshire
Nathan Wilson
Possibly our youngest member contributes this piece about the palms of this most English of southern English counties

Isle of Palms
Ian Hutton
In 'The History of Howeia' part 2 we learn more about the nuts and bolts of the Kentia palm industry. The second and concluding part of this fascinating story

Philippines Palms
Marcelo Aspiras
Join Marcelo Aspiras on a visit to the Botanical Gardens of the Philippines to see some unusual and beautiful palms in this volcanic region


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