Chamaerops No.16

Autumn Edition 1994


A Date to Remember
Gary Parker
Saddle up your camel and head for the oasis for an unforgettable date with Gary

My Spanish Garden
Dr Neil Butler
A practical and painstaking article about gardening where the main problems seem to be too much sun and too little rain. We should all have such problems.

Meeting in Menton
Steve Swinscoe & Tony King
The long-awaited article of the book of the film of the T-shirt. Steve & Tony have agreed to share the blame for this one...

Sparkling Oasis
Paul Newman
Take palms, tree ferns and other exotics, and just add water. Landscaper Paul shows how it's done

Echiums of Macronesia
Richard Darlow
Question: What grows 15 feet in 2 months and likes Canaries? Flushed with success from his recent TV appearance, Richard provides the answer.


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