Chamaerops No.18

Spring Edition1995


Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens
Adam St. Clair
A brief tour around this famous Botanic Garden, 'Down Under'

Growing Palms (at the Sharp End)
Gerald McKiness
Do you know what is the hardiest palm in the world? No, not Trachy or Chamaerops. It's the Needle Palm, Rhapidophyllum hystrix. A splendid introduction to this little known palm.

Asia Diary - Part 2
Martin Gibbons
The second part of a 7 week, 6 country, 17 air flight, palm hunting trip to the Himalaya and beyond. This time, China, and a second new species of Trachycarpus

Madeira - Tree Fern Island
Kai Wiegner
If Tree Ferns are your thing, then a trip to this wonderful island could just be the holiday you've been dreaming of.

Phoenix rupicola - the Cliff Date Palm
Tobias W. Spanner
A palm that's about to become very popular, and so beautiful it shouldn't be a Phoenix palm at all.

La Finca de la Conception
Javier Segura Canizares
Next time you're on one of the 'Costas' in Spain, do try to visit this old and very atmospheric garden, justly famous.

Ceroxylon - The One That Got Away
Keith Boyer
Many will know of New Zealander Keith through his book, 'Palms & Cycads Beyond the Tropics'. This is an account of some of his experiences collecting such first hand information.

A Sub-Tropical Garden in Frankfurt
Rainer Gesell-Schulte
Follow Rainer's progress in creating an exotic garden in central Germany.


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