Chamaerops No.19

Summer Edition1995


My Love Affair with Chamaerops
Chris Miller
No, not the journal, surprisingly, but the wonderful, variable, adaptable palm.

Asia Diary - Part 3
Martin Gibbons
Part 3 of your Editors unflagging and determined efforts to bring not only excitement to your lives, but new species of Trachycarpus too. This time Burma and Nepal. Gosh!

London Pride
Jo & Gary Parker
Jo & Gary report on 'Open Day' at a certain palm journal editor's garden, hidden away in sarf London

Palms in Austria
Robert Lackner
No, not Australia! Not normally thought of as the kind of place you might find palms, Robert describes the joys and problems of 'sub-tropical' gardening in the skiing nation.

It Happened to Me
Philippe Byrne
First in what is hoped will be a series of 'meeting palm people', Philippe tells his (palm-) life story.

The Hardiness Myth
Gary Parker
A reminder that winter is just around the corner, Gary sets a few myths about cold-hardiness to rest. Nice pics kindly provided by Helen & Wilko from Holland. Brrrrr!

Seychelles - A Noah's Ark for Palms
Dr. Maria-Jutta Teege
In marked contrast to the preceding, globe-trotting Dr. Teege takes us on a trip to the Indian Ocean, where the word frost isn't even in the dictionary.


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