Chamaerops No.20

Autumn Edition1995


Asia Diary - Part 4
Martin Gibbons
Fourth and
final part of your Editor's secret diaries, faithfully kept through flood, fire, feast and famine. This time India and Pakistan. Plus the first published photograph of a new species of Trachycarpus which is set to take the palm world by storm!

Pilgrimage to Culcita
Dick Hayward
A delightful article by a real enthusiast about a trip to Spain and an attempt to locate one of Europe's rarest and most exciting Treeferns. Wonderful stuff!

Exotic Monsters & T.E.P.E.'s
Jason de Grellier Payne
Jason describes himself as an 'Exotic Gardener', and herein he shares his hopes and fears for the 'new movement' in European gardening. What is the new movement? Well T.E.P.E.'s of course!

Climate & Acclimatization
Konstantinos Theodoropoulos
Buying exotic plants in Germany to grow in Greece poses its own problems, and this practical article demonstrates how the author helps them to make the transition.

The Other European
Dr Ragip Esener
Everyone has hopefully, by now, heard of Phoenix theophrastii, one of the only two palms endemic to Europe. In this article Dr. Esener describes a variant which may turn out to be a new species of Phoenix. Enjoy the article, then turn to the Letters Page to find out how you can own one.

If You Ever Go Across The Sea...
B. W. Fursman Ireland of course! And if you do, you could do worse than follow in B. W. Fursman's footsteps to some palmy places. Fab!


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