Chamaerops No.21

Winter Edition1995/96


Colour in the Exotic Garden
Alan & Carol Hawes
Dyed-in-the-wool palm freaks will probably freak out at the very idea of flowers but don't throw up your hands in horror. A little colour goes a long way and can certainly add to the exotic effect we are all seeking.

Viva Armata!
Jon Kenahan
Brahea armata to be precise, and a wonderful specimen that is alive and well in Sussex, in south UK. The story of its progress is lovingly told by Jon who would not submit the piece until he was confident of its continuing success. Wish I'd thought of the title.

Germinating Jubaea
Michel Lambreghts
An excellent 'How to' article, this time about the tricky business of germinating the seeds of our biggest palm, Jubaea chilensis, together with the very best Jubaea photo I've ever seen.

Humidity and Hungry Palms
Gary Parker
We all know that many palms hate dry air but why? Much that Gary has written about was, I must admit, new to me, and I'm delighted to pass it on. Appropriate for the time of year, too.

A Visit to Keep River National Park
Dr Maria-Jutta Teege
Now a regular contributor, Dr. Teege takes us on a trip 'down under' to see a rare and wonderful, silver Livistona. Gorgeous!

My Hardy Palms: Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs
R. Lackner
Practical? You want practical? In this painstakingly written article Robert shares with us his hopes, dreams and techniques of growing hardy palms in Austria. Practical it is!


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