Chamaerops No.22

Spring Edition1996


The Beautiful South
Peter Richardson
Island, that is. Of New Zealand, where grows one of the most attractive of all the near-hardy palms, the Nikau. Grab your shaving brush and meet Peter in its most southerly habitat there.

Book Review: 'The Diamond Lane Guide to Growing Palms in a Temperate Climate' by Don Tollefson
Tobias Spanner
Could this be the ultimate book on the subject? Toby Spanner has been reading between the lines

Oasis Update
Paul Newman
You'll remember Paul's earlier 'Sparkling Oasis'. In this follow-up we hear what's been happening to the garden since then.

Exotic Community
Mike Prime
Mike Prime runs the Besson Street Community Garden in south London. In some detail he explains its history and creation, its successes and failures. Mike is a 'hands-on' sort of a guy and his personal observations are painstakingly recorded. Valuable stuff!

Palm Sunday
Bob Hood
An event originally billed as 'Northern Members Get Together' (see Chamaerops 21) turned out to be a truly national event. Bob Hood, new EPS member and friend of hosts Greg Plenty and Richard Darlow paints a word picture of the day.

Cycas Revoluta - Ancient & Modern
Tony King
Tony turns the spotlight on Cycas revoluta - the Sago Palm. Why is it called 'revoluta'? Why is it called 'Sago'? Why is it called a palm? And is it really hardy? Tony reveals all.

Jardins Extraordinaire in Brittany
Yann Corbell
Northern France is not the sort of place you'd expect to find exotica. But here it all is, in beauty and profusion


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