Chamaerops No.24

Autumn Edition1996


Macrozamia reidlei in Two Views
Dr Maria Jutta Teege & Barry Shelton
Two articles for the price of one, on an interesting Australian Cycad which many of us know as an easy house plant.

I Was In Hawaii, But My Palms Were Here
Robert Lackner
A follow up to Robert's popular and well researched 'Palms in Austria' . Here Robert picks up where he left off with a second practical guide to growing palms in a cool climate.

Roma '96
Tony King
Tony's write-up of our summer meeting in Rome. 'City of Palms'. If you weren't there, you'll wish you had been.

Trachycarpus on Parade
Martin Gibbons
A timely summary of this popular genus which will hopefully remove the confusion which surrounds it. A comprehensive listing of all 8 species, with notes on each.

The Exotic Year
Marco Tiefel
A month by month guide to how Marco grows his palms and protects them during the colder months.


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