Chamaerops No.38

Spring Edition 2000, issue 38

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Seasonal Palm Growing
by Nicolas Cock, Essex, UK
Nicolas Cock's experiences, trials, hopes and dreams about growing hardy palms.

Interview with the Editor - Part 2
by Imtiaz McDoom-Gafoor, London, UK
Second and final part of this no-holds barred, unabridged and completely unexpurgated expose of your editor's Life-with-Palms.

Russian Science
by Kiril Donov, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Kiril Donov writes about amazing hardy Trachy's in Bulgaria, and speculates about a dark reason for their extraordinary resistance to cold.

Musa basjoo
by Angus White, Architectural Plants, Sussex, UK
Angus White's funny and perceptive look at Musa basjoo. Reprinted from the October 1991 issue of Chamaerops, and definitely time for a re-run.

Palm Archives
by Joerg Schumann, Rohrsdorf, Germany
Notes by Joerg Schumann on some lesser known palms in the first of what will hopefully be a series of such articles.

Lackner‘s Letter

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