Chamaerops No.39

Summer Edition 2000, issue 39

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Palm Trees of Lake Geneva
by Nicolas Eracle, Route de Brent 30, 1817 Brent/Montreux, Switzerland
'A Life with Palms' would be a good alternative title for this excellent article by Nicolas Eracle. From early beginnings to a fully-fledged palm garden. Great stuff!

The Cretan Date Palm
by Thomas Boeuf, Hauptstr. 6, 63796 Kahl am Main, Germany
Thomas Boeuf gets up close and personal with Phoenix theophrastii, a brilliant newcomer to the hardy palm garden. My advice: get one

Conservation through Cultivation
by Andrew Cartwright
Is there something that we can all do, even in a small way, to slow the decline of some species of rare palm? Andrew Cartwright thinks so in this thought provoking paper.

Palms of Tenerife
by Michael A.F. Carter, 52 Golden Avenue, West Kingston, N. East Preston, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN16 1QX
There's more to the Canary Islands than sun, sea and the Parrot Park. Take a trip with Michael Carter, and bring your 'Palm Identifier'.

Completely Hardy
by Rev. Geoffrey F. Squire
These new palms are totally indestructible, need no water or feed, will never grow too big, and will thrive in every climate, from tropical to arctic. If all else fails, try one in your garden.

My Exotic Collection
by Tony Walker, 16 Dunstall Road, London SW20 0HR, England
Update by Tony Walker on his exotic collection.

A Garden in Provence
by Daniel Carle, Route de Modene 604, 84330 Caromb, France
Daniel Carle gives us a comprehensive look at the palms of his garden in S.W. France, and lists successes and failures, providing inspiration for us all.


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