Exotic garden in Belgium
Photopage, exotic gardening in a cool climate.

The Cold-Rating Data Base
This is a useful database listing Genera, Species, Minimum Temperatures and USDA Zones, showing lowest survival temperatures for palms plus access to the statistical report on each species. A very useful reference indeed. (Vince Carr)

The Genus Trachycarpus
This one's a splendid paper from our own two learned gentlemen, Martin Gibbons and Tobias W. Spanner. (Vince Carr)

Container Production of Palms
by Alan W. Meerow. Although about palm production on the grand scale contains very useful information for the amateur. (Vince Carr)

Search the Net
Finally, just one of the many places to search for palm resources is Searching the Internet for Palms at (where there are 74 website links). (Vince Carr)

Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust
Ten years ago it was derelict, boarded up, rusting and a danger to the public. Local devotees pooled their energy and worked to save this once magnificent building and they have succeeded in securing the future for the Palm House for the next 100 years!

Moapa Nevada's Ancient Palm trees
Ancient Palms in Nevada USA are threatened because scientists failed to take Local Indian memories into account when attempting to ascertain the origins of the Palms. Instead, they investigated only a single anecdotal account from a single early White settler to the region and prematurely claimed that the palms were non-native and should be destroyed. Yet Local Moapa Indians have possessed stories and artefacts for many generations indicating that the palms are ancient Native plants.
Perhaps you would visit the website and sign a Petition to help save these ancient American Native Palms from government destruction!

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