Chamaerops No.23

Summer Edition1996


California Dreaming
Don Tollefson
Don, whose book 'The Diamond Lane Guide to Growing Palms in a Temperate Climate' was reviewed in the last issue gives a guided tour round some West Coast USA gardens.

A Himalayan Phoenix
Ganesh Mani Pradhan
Ganesh, perfect and generous host to us during our travels in north-east India, has been doing a little research in his own 'back yard' - the Himalayan foothills.

Germinating Palm Seeds
Stefan Mifsud
Not before time, an article telling you what you've always wanted to know about this ancient craft. Step-by-step instructions.

Personal Best
Werner Greschner
One man's personal experience of growing Trachycarpus and learning the hard way, by trial and tribulation.

Palm Pilgrimage
Barry Eursman
This is the second and concluding part of Barry's 'If you ever go across the Sea...' odyssey to Ireland, to the many mild gardens there, and the wonderful and perfectly grown plants they contain.

Sefton Park Palm House
Alan Spencer-Jones
A wonderful Victorian structure which fell into disuse and decay, now hopefully rescued for us all to enjoy.

The Phenomenon of the Forking Phoenix
Richard Darlow
While on holiday Richard is wont to keep an eye open for palmy peculiarities. This one was waiting for him outside his hotel.


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