The following links were edited by Lee Mullen (Cornwall, UK) and our visitors who kindly submitted sites through our on-line form. Everyone is invited to add to this list, suggest new websites or review ones already on the list.
Today (Oktober 19th 2001) we added many new links reviewed by Vince Carr (Northolt, UK). Read more about his journey through cyberspace (published as 'Cyberpalms' in Chamaerops #42).

(If not stated otherwise websites are in English language.)

Palm Societies

Pacific Northwest Palm & Exotic Plant Society
Interested in learning about growing palms and exotics in cool climates? This club focuses on cultivating exotics outdoors in USDA zone 6-8 gardens. (Submitted by Michael Ferguson)

Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society
The official web page of the Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society. Photo tours, message forums and palm seed germination database.

Fous de Palmiers
Le palm society in France. Official website of french association "Fous de Palmiers" (means : palm crazy persons). We organize meetings (and garden discoveries) between palm lovers all around the world - and especially in France. Website in French.

Palm and Cycad Society of Western Australia
Website of PACSOWA featuring articles, events, monthly newsletter, for sales, Gascoyne Park Botanical Garden, Members Area and discussion forum.

International Palm Society
The IPS site is the long-established 'Mecca' site for palm enthusiasts and growers. It is similar to the European Palm Society site in that it offers valuable information about palm species, where to buy them, botanical details, books info, an image gallery and message board. Also like the EPS you can actually join the society online. There is a brief overview about the IPS and its aims and objectives along with information about meetings and its own journal 'PALMS' (formerly 'Principes'). Back issues can be ordered online and also available is a guestbook, the chance to subscribe to the palm society list and much more. (Lee Mullen)

South African Palm Society

Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia
Palm & Cycad Societies of Australia a Palm: Bonsai Palms
An article about Bonsai Palms that could open up a whole new way of growing, selling and collecting palms. I can't wait to have a go at Bonsai myself. (Vince Carr)

Palm & Cycad Society Of New Zealand

The Cycad Society

Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida
Home of the Virtual Palm Encyclopedia and Virtual Cycad Encyclopedia. (Lee Mullen)